Sovereignty Intact Despite French Defense Pact: UK


From Reuters:  An agreement between Britain and France to cooperate on defense does not compromise either country’s sovereignty or weaken the NATO alliance, British defense minister Liam Fox said Thursday.

British and French officials are finalizing the next steps for greater integration of defense capabilities after both countries signed a pact in November to work together, partly to save money as European defense budgets are cut back.

"Let me very clear about sovereignty. One of the reasons we are very keen on this model is because it allows us complete sovereign control," Fox told parliament’s upper chamber. …

Media reports in recent weeks have speculated that Britain would seek a similar pact with Germany, but a senior defense source said there were no plans. …

"Strengthening bilateral relationships inside a multi-lateral organization can be hugely beneficial. No one has ever suggested that the very strong relationship between the UK and United States inside NATO weakens NATO, so why should be that be true for Anglo-French cooperation?" Fox said.  (photo: Reuters)

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