Turkey prevents French military from using its airspace and territorial waters

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

From Hürriyet:  French state aircraft and warships are no longer using Turkish airspace and territorial waters after permission requests in three different cases were rejected by the Turkish government, France’s top diplomat in Ankara said , amid the ongoing spat over a French law penalizing the denial of Armenian genocide. 

“Our requests [for an aircraft and two warships] have been rejected, so we are no longer issuing such requests. We are using alternative routes,” France’s Ambassador to Turkey Laurent Bili told the private news channel CNN Türk in an interview. 

Bili said the first rejection was to a request for a French military aircraft that wanted to use Turkish airspace on its way to France from Afghanistan. Similarly, two French warships were not allowed to enter Turkish territorial waters recently. Turkey’s move against the French military was part of sanctions imposed against France after the adoption of the law at French Parliament late December last year.  (photo: Dünya Bülteni)

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