US Air Base in Kyrgyzstan Resumes All Flights

From the AP: The U.S. air base near Kyrgyzstan’s capital was fully back in action Thursday providing critical support to the NATO campaign in Afghanistan, with planes taking off and landing throughout the day.

The flights were halted April 7 after a day of violent protests that ousted the president and as a new provisional government worked to establish control. The upheaval also raised concerns about the future of the U.S. base, but the leader of the new government said Tuesday that the lease would be extended.

The Manas base provides refueling flights for warplanes over Afghanistan and serves as a major transit hub for troops.

The full resumption of operations was announced Thursday by the U.S. Embassy, which also confirmed that some embassy personnel and their families have been temporarily moved to the base as a security precaution. …

Last month, 50,000 troops passed through Manas, which Senior Master Sgt. Mike Litsey said was a record.  (photo: AP)

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