US delegation wants NATO membership plan for Georgia


From News.Az:  "On behalf of the US NATO Parliamentary Assembly Delegation I would like to firmly support the aspirations of the Georgian people and their government to join NATO," Congressman Michael Turner said in a statement. . . .

"NATO’s door should and will remain open to all European democracies that share the values of the Alliance, which are willing and able to assume the responsibilities and obligations of membership, are in a position to further the principles of the Washington Treaty, and whose inclusion can contribute to the security of NATO.

"Over the years Georgia has proved to be a reliable ally and security provider with its significant contribution to the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. . . .

"While the NATO Bucharest Summit and subsequent commitments with regard to Georgia’s NATO membership remain firm, I am confident that it is time to move forward. Allies should reaffirm that Georgia’s NATO integration is an irreversible process.

We should also encourage the people and the government of Georgia to continue ambitious reforms, despite the security challenges they face today.

"Therefore I fully support a full and complete Membership Action Plan (MAP) for Georgia at the NATO Summit in Chicago in May 2012.   (photo: Getty)

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