From the Financial Times: President Barack Obama’s missile defence plan to counter Iran is facing resistance in Turkey because Ankara is reluctant to host a radar base unless other Nato countries also increase support for the system.

While the US has identified Turkey as the best land-based site to provide coverage of Iranian short and medium-range missiles, Ankara is worried about appearing to sign up to a bilateral compact with Washington against Tehran…

Amid continued survey results that show the US to be deeply unpopular in the country, Turkish diplomats say strong Nato-wide backing, such as a common funded command and control system, would help establish the new missile defence system as an alliance-wide effort rather than a private deal with Washington

An official in Turkey’s ruling AK party said that Ankara’s recent push for closer ties with its Middle Eastern neighbours, including Iran, meant it could not afford to be seen as signing up to bilateral plans with the US for a missile defence shield. (photo: PressTV)