U.S. Seeks to Revamp NATO Treaty in Europe

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From Judy Dempsey, the New York Times: Spurred by a new treaty with Russia to reduce strategic nuclear missiles, the United States and NATO are seeking to revive a major treaty on conventional weapons in Europe, according to Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO’s secretary general.

The effort will form one of three parts of a plan intended to revamp NATO’s relationship with Russia. The plan also includes inviting Russia to join the ballistic missile shield that the United States and NATO plan to deploy across Europe. And NATO is even looking at reducing some of its tactical nuclear weapons.

“If we could make progress as far as conventional disarmament is concerned, it could also lead to disarmament or reduced reliance by the alliance on a nuclear deterrent and in general improve the relationship between NATO and Russia,” Mr. Rasmussen said in an interview at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday. …

Nikolay Korchunov, Russia’s deputy ambassador to NATO, said Thursday that Russia was “interested in reinvigorating” the treaty. He added, however, that “it should be part of a bigger package that would include missile defense as well as nuclear disarmament.” (photo: AP)

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