US warship visiting Romania may be 1st phase of missile defense system

The USS Monterey guided-missile cruiser.

From RIA Novosti:  The U.S. Navy cruiser Monterey anchored in the Romanian southeastern Passenger Berth of the Port of Constanta on the Black Sea within the NATO European missile shield project, Romania news agency Actmedia said on Tuesday.

"The cruiser’s visit to the Port of Constanta is part of the permanent efforts of the U.S. Navy in strengthening the partnership with the Romanian Navy and of increasing interoperability in the Black Sea area," the U.S. Embassy to Romania was quoted as saying by the agency. . . .

"Moreover, the USS Monterey cruiser is equipped with the AEGIS air defense system that represents the first stage of the adaptive phase approach of the anti-missile shield, an important element to Romania, which agreed to host interceptors within the second phase of the program."  (photo: mashleymorgan/flickr/RIA Novosti)

Image: flickr%206%209%2011%20U.S.%20Navy%20cruiser%20Monterey.jpg