Think About That: 5,465 Think Tanks Worldwide

The January/February issue of Foreign Policy features a thorough review of think tanks throughout the world.  According to the data, nearly a third of all think tanks (32.5 percent) are located in the U.S.  The Economist put together a good graph illustrating their distribution.

Global Distribution of Think Tanks, 2008
Global Distribution of Think Tanks, 2008 (Economist)

The FP report is full of facts and figures of interest to those in the think tank / policy institution / NGO community.  There are, for example, 5,465 think tanks in the world, 1,777 of which are in the U.S.; 350 can be found in Washington alone, more than in any other country.  Food for thought as think tanks increasingly expand and impact policy worldwide…

Peter Cassata is associate editor of the Atlantic Council.