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Welcome to New Atlanticist, the public policy blog of the Atlantic Council.

In these pixels, we’ll provide expert analysis on the most pressing issues facing the transatlantic community from the Council’s staff, board, affiliated scholars, and friends.We hope to be serious without being stuffy and nuanced while remaining accessible to an educated reader.

It should be emphasized from the outset that the views expressed here are strictly those of the signed author and do not necessarily reflect a concensus view of the Council, its Board, or its members.   This isn’t a generic disclaimer aimed at covering our backsides but rather a reflection of the fact that, while we share a vision that the West must work together to achieve our foreign policy aims, the Council is a diverse, non-partisan network of leaders and scholars with a wide range of views on what are complex and controversial issues.   These pieces don’t represent the Council’s view because, more often than not, the Council doesn’t have a view.   Or, perhaps I should say, we have many views. In those rare occasions when we wish to make a statement as an institution in this forum, we’ll do so as “The Council” to avoid any confusion. 

In addition to providing a forum for Council experts to present their views, we invite thoughtful discussion in the comments below.  To keep the discussion civil and productive, we are limiting participation to registered individuals writing under their own name and who agree to abide by our site policies


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