SOTU: A big focus of this week was President Trump’s first State of the Union SpeechTrade was a topic that was touched upon, among other things.
NAFTA: The sixth round of NAFTA negotiations came to a close on Monday and tensions were high. Nevertheless, all three negotiating parties agreed that they have indeed made (slow) progress during this latest round of talks. A lot of the major sticking points have yet to be addressed and will make the seventh round of negotiations in Mexico City in late February a hot topic to watch. Closing statement by USTR Lighthizer here
TPP: After President Trump reintroduced the possibility of the US joining TPP-11 during his trip to Davos, Switzerland, most seem skeptical about the validity of that intention. 
Steel: The fight for increase protectionist measures on steel imports continues, as representatives from major US steel companies submitted a letter to President Trump Thursday requesting a stronger stance.
US-Korea Trade: The second round of negotiations between the US and South Korea came to a close earlier this week in Seoul with the US position still quite unclear. Read more here.
In other news… Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie was in town on Thursday and talked trade with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.
Upcoming: According to Politico’s Morning Trade, USTR Robert Lighthizer expressed that President Trump intends to ask Congress for an extension of TPA as it prepares to continue its bilateral negotiations with other parts of the world. The EU-Mexico Agreement modernization efforts are another thing to watch this month. 

Our Take on Donald Trump’s First State of the Union Address
Our team of Atlantic Council experts analyzed and commented on the different points and issues addressed by President Donald Trump during his first State of the Union Address, from NAFTA to ISIS and beyond. 
Trumps’ New Line on Trade
“While hardly a ringing endorsement for change, that Trump did not use the high-profile domestic platform to walk back on the comments made in Davos suggest that his trade views are evolving, if incrementally.” – Robert Manning
If you are specifically interested in what the SOTU means for trade, we recommend reading Atlantic Council expert Robert Manning’s insightful piece “Trump’s New Line on Trade”

If you would like to delve even further into the issues addressed in the State of the Union, make sure to check out Politico’s SOTU transcript, as annotated by its reporters

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Did you know…
that this year’s Davos gathering is also the first to be chaired by all women, including IMF chief Christine Lagarde and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, and features the biggest ever percentage of female attendees, though they are still in the minority at 20 percent?

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