TRADE in ACTION – July 13, 2017


The G20 summit has ended, with the leaders delivering their leaders declaration. Additionally, they agreed on a more concentrated approach to dealing with global excess steel capacity, with a policy solution planned for November.

Also, the EU-Ukraine Summit and the 2017 Western Balkans Summit in Italy convened on July 12. Moving along to Asia, TPP(11) chief negotiators met in Japan to come to terms on a TPP deal with or without the United States. Additionally, the US has informed South Korea that it wishes to renegotiate the free trade deal concluded in 2012. Finally the EU and Canada have agreed to set a date for the provisional application of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.


The EU and Australia continued their discussion on forming a post-Brexit trade pact. President Trump just arrived in France (details below). Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will be on Capitol Hill today to give lawmakers an update on the administration’s national security investigations into steel and aluminum imports- but a release date of the reports is still uncertain. 

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The Atlantic Council released the third memo in the  Atlantic Council Memos to the President series, aimed at providing distinct, bold recommendations to President Donald Trump for the most pressing items on his agenda. In “Europe—Key Partnership for American Prosperity” author Andrea Montanino, Director of the Atlantic Council’s Global Business & Economics Program recommends that, to best serve American interests, President Trump should encourage a stronger, more integrated Europe. Doing so will ensure more economic growth, geostrategic stability, and global leadership for both the United States and Europe. These recommendations come in advance of the President’s visit to Paris to meet with French President Macron and to join the Bastille Day celebrations on July 14, 2017. Watch Andrea Montanino brief the President:

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Did you know…
that Milwaukee, Wisconsin has a large Bastille Day celebration that lasts four days – they even have a 43 foot tall replica of the Eiffel Tower? 

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