TRADE in ACTION – July 7, 2017

The G20 Summit is this week, and the stakes are high for all the attendees. For live coverage of the G20, follow along on Politico.

Poland was the first destination on President Trump’s itinerary- his remarks included a focus on Russia and North Korea. The European Union and Japan announced the conclusion of a political agreement on the main elements of a bilateral economic partnership deal. The U.S. and Mexico gave their final approval of amendments to a deal suspending significant tariffs on imports of Mexican sugar.


We might have a ruling on section 232 investigation by the end of this week. The EU is looking at retaliatory tariffs if President Donald Trump slaps duties on EU steel exports to the United States in the name of national security. Finally, the U.S.- China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue will take place on July 19 in Washington. The two powers will discuss bilateral trade issues and North Korea. 

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The United States and Russia have been sanctioning and counter-sanctioning each other since Russia invaded Crimea in 2014. Since then, certain sectors of the Russian economy have been economically crippled. The Atlantic Council’s Global Business & Economics Program has created a comprehensive new econographic to further demonstrate the indirect effects sanctions have had on the Russian economy. For a deeper read on economic sanctions as a foreign policy tool, check out our newest policy brief.

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Did you know..
..that the G20 economies account for over 80 per cent of the global gross national product (GDP), about 80 per cent of world trade and some two thirds of the world population?    

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