TRADE in ACTION – JUNE 29, 2017

Indian President Narendra Modi met with President Trump. The two leaders discussed expanding military cooperation and fixing the trade deficit. Meanwhile, three days of NAFTA hearings kicked off on Monday.

Rep. Bill Pascrell was the first witness and criticized the administration’s lack of action on securing new trade deals, and pressed for major reforms on currency manipulation and labor rules. Finally France’s Macron has invited President Trump to visit for Bastille Day on July 14.


US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is expected to deliver recommendations to the White House on the aluminum and steel investigations; South Korean President Moon will have his first meeting with President Trump this week. The focus of their meeting will be bilateral free trade and North Korea; Trade will also be a hot topic when Chancellor Angela Merkel hosts the G20 Summit next week. EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström‏ is headed to Tokyo tonight to finalize the trade negotiations with Japan and achieve a political agreement.

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Despite the popularity of economic sanctions as a foreign policy tool, their ability to deliver sustained impacts on target countries is often called into question. In “Economic Sanctions: Sharpening a Vital Foreign Policy Tool,” author John Forrer explains the reasons behind sanctions’ enduring popularity. The proposes building stronger public-private partnerships, which can support a more effective implementation of better aligned and well-designed economic sanctions, to sharpen a vital foreign policy tool. This briefing is the latest addition to the Atlantic Council’s Economic Sanctions Initiative.
Recent related News: The EU extending Russia sanctions through January 2018. Also, Canada has taken Belarus off their restricted trade list. Leaving only North Korea. 

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Did You Know..

…that European exporters reported a 10% increase in the number of trade barriers they encountered in 2016 alone? 372 such barriers were in place at the end of last year in over 50 trade destinations across the world. The 36 obstacles created in 2016 could affect EU exports that are currently worth around €27 billion. Read more here

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Manufacturing Institute
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