TRADE in ACTION – March 10, 2017

As we commemorate International Women’s Day (Check out the story behind the “fearless girl” on Wall Street), EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström visits Singapore, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin met with José Antonio Meade, Mexico’s Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, to talk economic ties between the two neighbors. On Tuesday, Trump administration officials levied a record-breaking $1.19 Billion fine against Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE.

What to watch: 
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny are to visit Washington on March 13th and March 17th, respectively. The Senate Finance Committee will hold a hearing Tuesday on the the nomination of Robert Lighthizer to be the US Trade Representative. Brexit front: Will Prime Minister Theresa May trigger Article 50 this month as previously stated?

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Check out the second volume of the Atlantic Council’s Global Business & Economics Program’s recent EconoGraphic series outlining why “The United States needs Europe- and vice versa.” 
The EU (27) is a crucial market for US businesses, especially SMEs, and vice versa. Thus, it is vital for the United States and the EU (27) to deepen the transatlantic market place to foster trade and investment. Policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic should set the stage for a new transatlantic economic agreement that builds upon the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’s (TTIP) framework, but excludes the most divisive issues that halted the TTIP negotiations. Want to know more about European Economic Growth and its Importance to American Prosperity? Check out the webcast to our event on March 10, 9 a.m. EST here.

Podcast: The Economic Imperative of Empowering Women – A Conversation with Christine Lagarde, Center for Strategic and International Studies
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Commentary: EU’s Door Remains Open even as Others’ are Closing, Cecilia Malmström, The Business Times of Singapore
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Blog: Trump’s 2017 Trade Agenda: Signs of a Sensible Direction, Edward Alden, Council on Foreign Relations
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Obituary: Clayton Yeutter, Blunt Negotiator of Intricate Trade Deals, Dies at 86, Daniel E. Slotnik, The New York Times

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…that women occupy only 24% of senior management roles worldwide; however, Russia and the Philippines lead the way with 45% and 39% of all senior management positions filled by women, respectively. POLITICO is launching a monthly newsletter dedicated to exploring women’s leadership in politics, policy, and in their communities named Women Rule Newsletter and Podcast

Commentary: Global Economic Order- A “Made in America” Idea, Peter Rashish, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies 
Analysis: How China Could Dodge the Fallout From a Trade War With Trump, Bloomberg News
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, Evelyn Chang, CNBC
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Book: Women, Work,and Economic Growth- Leveling the Playing Field, International Monetary Fund
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Opinion: The Trump Trade Threat Could Unite the Rest of the World, EU Official Says, Stearns & Chrysoloras, Bloomberg Politics
News: German Finance Minister says Greece Must Decide if It Wants to Stay in Euro Zone, Nienaber & Nasr, Reuters

March 9: ASEAN-EU Senior Officials Meeting in Manila
March 10: 2017 ASEAN-EU Business Summit in Manila
March 13: Cecilia Malmström meets with Mr. Malik Samarawickrama, Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade, Sri Lanka
March 14: Confirmation Hearing for USTR-Designate, Robert Lighthizer
March 14: German Chancellor Merkel Meets with President Trump
March 14-15: High-level Dialogue in Integration Initiatives in the Asia-Pacific Region: Challenges and Opportunities meeting in Vina del Mar, Chile.  The US will be represented by Acting USTR and Ambassador to Chile, Carol Perez.
March 16: Irish Prime Minister Kenny Meets With President Trump
March 15-19: Secretary of State Tillerson visits Japan, South Korea, and China

March 10: European Economic Growth and its Importance to American Prosperity, 9:00AM- 12:15PM, Atlantic Council 
March 13: Negotiating Trade Authority: Remarks from Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) on the Division of Congressional and Executive Powers 5:15 PM at the American Enterprise Institute

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