On the EU side:
 The European Commission released a new draft transition agreement with the United Kingdom Monday which will be discussed in the European Council meeting later this week.
EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom came to DC this week to continue her campaign for EU exclusion from President Trump’s tariffs. 
On the US side: 
The US Department of Commerce has announced their steel and aluminium tariff exclusion process but experts fear it will be messy as exclusions will be made on a company-by-company basis rather than by product. Politico reports that President Donald Trump is expected by Thursday to announce a plan to hit China with tariffs, investment restrictions, and potentially other trade limits. In the meanwhile, President Trump has officially asked Congress to extend his trade promotion authority which allows him to negotiate free trade agreements that he can submit to Congress under fast track approval procedures.
The G20 summit took place in Buenos Aires, with the world’s financial leaders heavily criticizing protectionism, urging for increased dialogue on trade, but failing to defuse the threat of a trade war. On a positive note: on Wednesday 44 African nations signed a pact establishing a free trade area seen as vital to the continent’s economic development.

Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency: Should OFAC be Petrofied?
Atlantic Council 

The short answer is no.

On March 19, the Trump administration issued an executive order that compounded previous sanctions on Venezuela and the Maduro regime. The decision on Monday to ban the use of Venezuela’s Petro, a state-maintained cryptocurrency, was primarily meant to deter sanctions evasion via cryptocurrency. In addition to deterring Venezuelan sanctions evasion, the executive order also sends a signal to any future attempts to use cryptocurrency to circumvent US sanctions. There has been confusion and misinformation abound, as even the Venezuelan government seems unsure of how the Petro would work in practice. In an effort to cut through the noise, the Atlantic Council’s Global Business and Economics program published its latest EconoGraphic about this subject. 


Brexit Article: Full Speed Ahead to Brexit?
Atlantic Council

On Monday, March 19 the EU and UK made headway in the Brexit negotiation process as they released a draft transition deal indicating progress in certain parts of the negotiations. The agreement also provided much-needed clarity, particularly to the business sector as it establishes a transition period between March 2019 and December 2020 during which time the UK will remain in the single market. The European Council will have to ratify the deal at its meeting on March 23. In our recent blog post “Full speed ahead to Brexit?”, Atlantic Council experts answer the questions: why is the deal so important? What’s (not) in the deal? And what’s the path ahead?

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Did you know…that a possible trade war could cause a negative shock to global GDP of about 1-3 percentage points? Read more here


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Did you know…that a possible trade war could cause a negative shock to global GDP of about 1-3 percentage points? Read more here