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South Korea indicated on Wednesday it was open to talks on revising a 2012 trade pact with the United States after initial differences that followed President Donald Trump’s threat to terminate the accord unless it was renegotiated. 

After a day of talks in Washington, South Korea’s trade ministry said “The two sides recognized the need to amend the FTA to enhance mutual benefits of the KORUS FTA” (CNBC).  On the EU side, UK PM Theresa May held a speech in front of her party, outlining general plans for trade and security after Brexit. The WTO held its Public Forum 2017  focused on “Trade: Behind the Headlines.” USTR is holding two hearings on China this month. The first is set for this Wednesday and is part of the office’s annual review of China’s compliance with its World Trade Organization commitments. The second hearing (October 10)  is the one being held pursuant to the Section 301 investigation.


Next week, both the Annual Meetings of the World Bank/ the International Monetary Fund, as well as the fourth round of NAFTA negotiations take place in Washington DC. 

What Happens to Economic Sanctions after Brexit? 
With Britain leaving the EU, there are concerns being raised over how this could potentially disrupt sanctions alignment between the US and the EU in the future.  This week, the Atlantic Council’s Economic Sanctions Initiative, in conjunction with Georgetown’s Institute of International Economic Law, looked at the role of the private and public sector with regards to economic sanctions after Brexit. The first panel featured speakers from government who looked at sanctions development, implementation, and enforcement after Brexit, while the second panel represented the views of the private sector, asking if the private sector can prepare for and contribute to the post-Brexit sanctions landscape. 

Missed it? You can watch the event here.   

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