TTIP Action – July 7
froman webUS Trade Representative Michael Froman will meet with his fellow chief negotiators in late July with the goal of completing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

This Week in a Nutshell

TTIP faces an important juncture tomorrow as the European Parliament will vote on recommendations that will inform the European Commission’s negotiating position on the prospective trade agreement. On the table will be a compromise resolution from International Trade Committee Chairman Bernd Lange proposing an investor protection mechanism that utilizes public courts instead of private tribunals.

Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership are also coming to a head, as the twelve nations party to the deal have agreed on the date of what is expected to be the final round of negotiations in late July. Outstanding issues include access to Canada’s agriculture market, Australian concerns over American pharmaceutical patent rules, and labor organizing rights in Vietnam and Mexico.

Speeches & Official Announcements

Opening Remarks at EP Debate on TTIP

“I will continue to push the US on our offensive interests: including on public procurement, where we expect an ambitious proposal, but also on services, energy, and geographical indications just to mention a few examples.” – Cecilia Malmström

Speaking before the European Parliament’s plenary debate on TTIP, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström urged MEPs to recognize the strategic importance of the transatlantic deal, i.e. opening up markets around the world and strengthening ties with the United States. After taking the unprecedented step of publishing EU negotiating proposals online, Commissioner Malmström touted the progress so far as “the world’s most transparent bilateral free trade negotiation.” (EU Commission)

Bernd Lange on TTIP: “We Have to Be Transparent”

“Last time it was clear that ISDS is dead, that private arbitration is an instrument of the past and it is not foreseen by the Parliament anymore as an alternative in trade agreements.” – Bernd Lange

Ahead of the European Parliament’s vote on TTIP recommendations on Wednesday, EP International Trade Committee (INTA) Chairman Bernd Lange reiterated that his plenary resolution aims to protect important European values such as cultural diversity, public services, and data protection. He also emphasized the need to replace the current Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system with a public court. (European Parliament)

Watch a video of Tuesday’s plenary debate here.
Watch a livecast of Wednesday’s plenary vote here.


TTIP: Business Leaders Urged to Make Case for EU-US Trade Deal

Lady Barbara Judge-chairwoman of the Institute of Directors, a London-based business organization-has called on fellow business leaders across Europe to press the case for TTIP, which she says will form a “central plank of western liberal democracy.” She underscored the deal’s promise to both strengthen US-EU relations and enable small- and medium-sized enterprises to increase their exports. (Director)

Proposed Investor Court Might Save EU-U.S. Trade Deal in European Parliament

In an effort to make TTIP — and particularly its chapter on investment protection — more palatable to the European public, EP President Martin Schulz has proposed a new system of adjudicating investor-state disputes in which “publicly appointed, independent professional judges in public hearings” mediate the disputes. This latest proposal, which resembles an earlier Franco-German proposal for a permanent European court, will be taken up during tomorrow’s plenary session of Parliament. (Reuters)

Brussels Briefing on Trade: all You Need to Know for June 30 – July 12

In this latest edition of the Brussels Briefing on Trade, Lénaïc Vaudin d’Imécourt-Trade Editor of EU Trade Insights-previews the upcoming trade developments in Europe, which will include an EP plenary debate on TTIP recommendations for the European Commission as well as the 12th round of negotiations for the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). (viEUws)

TTIP Action Partner

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Recent Analysis

The Transatlantic Path to Cyprus Economic Growth

Writing in the Cyprus Mail, US Ambassador to Cyprus John Koenig argues that the underlying goals of TTIP-stimulating economic growth, creating jobs, and boosting international competitiveness-will facilitate Cyprus’ economic recovery. In particular, Ambassador Koenig emphasizes that by removing many of the duplicative customs regulations on both sides of the Atlantic, TTIP will significantly benefit SMEs, which constitute more than 99 percent of Cypriote companies. (Cyprus Mail)

Parliament’s Inexperience with ISDS

Myron Brilliant, Executive Vice President for International Affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, argues in EurActiv that the EP’s Socialists and Democrats are wrong to challenge the existing Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system. He claims that the alternative-to have investors’ home states file claims on their behalf-is flawed because governments do not want to serve as lawyers for their investors around the world, especially when it is so difficult to levy damages against other governments. (EurActiv)

Trade in Action

On Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Pacific Trade Deal Negotiators See a Wrap in Late July

Riding a wave of confidence after the passage of Trade Promotion Authority, the twelve nations negotiating the TPP have scheduled a final round of talks for late July in Hawaii, where negotiators hope to resolve any outstanding issues. The remaining sticking points include access to Canada’s agriculture market, Australian concerns over American pharmaceutical patent rules, and labor organizing rights in Vietnam and Mexico. (NY Times)

Upcoming Events

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