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Speeches & Official Announcements

Remarks by President Obama at the United States Military Academy Commencement Ceremony
In a major foreign policy speech delivered yesterday to graduates at West Point, President Obama made a strong case for continued US international leadership, and gave specific examples of ways the US can effectively maintain and extend peace and prosperity at home and abroad. Notably, however, his speech astonishingly neglected to mention international trade even once as a powerful tool of economic statecraft.

See the entire speech here.

Colleagues at the Brookings Institution wrote an excellent analysis of the speech’s shortcomings here.


Fate of Obama’s ‘Fast Track’ Authority Rests with Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden
The Financial Times has an excellent piece on the role of Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, the newly-installed chairman of the Senate Finance Committee which has jurisdiction over trade issues. Senator Wyden has emphasized that he wants to revive talks on an amended Trade Promotion Authority bill. According to Wyden, the previous bill backed by outgoing senator Max Baucus lacked would not gain the support of a sufficiently broad spectrum of senators, notably Democrats. Wyden would like to ensure the new TPA legislation addresses concerns that some fellow Democrats have: a perceived lack of transparency, the exclusion of some important modern sectors like digital trade, and a lack of detail surrounding labor and environmental concerns. (Financial Times)

Recent Analysis

EU Elections Pose New Threat to Trade Deal
The rise of Euroskeptic and anti-globalization parties to the European Parliament is likely to slow progress toward the completion of a comprehensive TTIP agreement, especially if the centrist pro-EU and pro-TTIP parties are unable to work effectively together and build consensus. (Financial Times)

Euroskepticism, Apathy, and Change: Views on the 2014 European Parliament Elections
Daniela Schwarzer writes for the German Marshall Fund that we should not underestimate the political implications of the rise of anti-European parties in the European Parliament. For these parties, the Parliament makes an excellent platform to make their voices heard on a powerful political stage, from which they can voice their opinions on issues of strategic importance like TTIP and a broader EU-reform agenda. (GMF)

Putin’s Rightist Fellow Travelers are a Menace to Europe
The Financial Times draws an interesting irony between right-wing politics in the European Union and Russia. Putin has strong support from the extreme right in the European Union, which appreciates his social conservatism and suspicion of Islam, for example. These new voices in the Parliament can be counted on to support Russia over the United States on a number of issues, complicating TTIP’s eventual approval. (Financial Times)

The European Elections and the EU-US Trade Pact: Is TTIP in Trouble?
Michael Geary writes for the Wilson Center that despite the two major parties in the European Union still having a clear majority in the European Union, eventual passage of TTIP remains uncertain, and is complicated by last weekend’s elections. There remain ideological differences between the more moderate, centrist parties of the European People’s Party and the Socialists and Democrats (S&Ds) on how to steer Europe onto a better growth path. The S&Ds may also find opposition from the far left on issues like ISDS and data privacy concerns. (Wilson Center)

EU’s Strengthened Political Parties May Soon be the ‘Leading Instrument’ of Putin’s Europe Policy
Colleague Damon Wilson, executive vice president of the Atlantic Council, writes that the rise of anti-EU parties in the European Parliament may pose the risk of undermining the United States’ strategy towards Russia. Wilson fears that Putin may use the anti-EU (pro-Moscow) factions in the European Parliament to divide Europe and thwart EU support for sanctions over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. (Atlantic Council)

Upcoming Events

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