TTIP Action aggregates the latest news and best analysis from across the United States and European Union on the ongoing negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).


AmCham EU Underlines Value of TTIP In Advance Of Trade Ministerial In Brussels
On the occasion of the Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels today, the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union issued a letter to all EU trade ministers reemphasizing the benefits of TTIP and the importance of an agreement for the European economy. (AmChamEU)

Commissioner Vows to Protect Food Safety In US Trade Talks
European Agricultural Commissioner Dacian Ciolos told reporters on Tuesday that the European Union is taking a strong stance on food and environmental safety in TTIP negotiations in order to protect the integrity of its food system and its cultural values. (EUBusiness)

OECD Forum: TPP Closure Gains Momentum – US Trade Representative Mike Froman
Thomson Reuters interviews Michael Froman ahead of the US Trade Representative’s meeting with his counterparts in Vietnam next week. He also discusses the potential of concluding Trans-Pacific Partnership bilateral negotiations with Japan, and progress on TTIP thus far. See the full interview here.

Recent Analysis

EU and Global Trade
While discussing the broad-based benefits TTIP could have for the European economy as a whole, Euronews uses the case study of a small Dutch design company called Droog, to highlight the benefits that TTIP would bring small and medium sized enterprises across Europe. Currently, the biggest obstacle that Droog faces is the different certification standards that it has to meet to get its lighting products onto the US market.
This piece does an excellent job of summarizing the latest developments, highlighting a case study, and emphasizing the need for transparency all in a single article. (Euronews)

Freihandelsabkommen “TTIP”: Schluss mit den Horrorparolen!
Marc Beise of the Munich-based Sueddeutsche Zeitung convincingly calls for an end to intentionally misleading arguments in the current debate about TTIP in Germany. He addresses what he considers two of the most common misconceptions related to TTIP including the allegation that negotiations are being conducted in secret and that the talks aim to lower regulatory standards and consumer or environmental protections on either side of the Atlantic.
Please note that the interview is in German. (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

Parochial Global Europe: 21st Century Trade Politics
The magazine E!Sharp presents its argument that trade politics will have a significant effect on the extent to which the US and European Union can reach a comprehensive agreement. Since the EU is still the world’s largest market, it takes great pains to ensure free and fair market access globally–and trade policy has been among the most significant successes of the European integration project. With the rise of emerging markets, the time is right for the US and EU to conclude a TTIP agreement that enshrines high-standards in labor, environment, and social protections as a global norm. (E!Sharp)

Optimism Fading on Both Sides of Transatlantic Trade Talks
As US and EU negotiators look ahead to the fifth round of negotiations for TTIP at the end of May, the excitement surrounding the talks has been replaced with a sober sense of reality, write Kara Sutton and Josh Stanton of the Bertelsmann Foundation. Negotiators need to reconcile public support for trade with concerns about the specific components of the eventual deal. (Policy Review)

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