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Advancing Congress’ Trade Agenda: The Role of Trade Negotiating Authority
This morning, the Senate Finance Committee held an important hearing on the recently introduced Trade Promotion Authority legislation. Senators Baucus and Hatch used their opening statements, which are linked below, to urge quick consideration and passage of the legislation.

For more in-depth coverage of the hearing, you can find the list of witnesses, their prepared remarks, and a video of the proceedings here.

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Speeches and Events 

Baucus Statement on the Need to Renew Trade Promotion Authority | US Senate Committee on Finance
Senator Baucus argues that Congress needs Trade Promotion Authority to effectively argue Congressional priorities in each of the proposed trade agreements. These agreements will create American jobs, strengthen the economy, and open new markets for American exports. 

Hatch Statement at Finance Committee Hearing Examining the Role of Trade Negotiating Authority in International Trade | US Committee on Finance
Senator Hatch declares that Congress must adopt  trade negotiating authority to effectively advance trade negotiations. Without this legislation, Congress will have limited power to pursue its launched trade initiatives including TTIP. He also called for President Obama to take an increasingly active role in order to convince his Congressional Democratic colleagues to support his trade agenda. 


Obama to Give Data Safeguards to Foreigners | Financial Times
On Friday, President Obama addressed the contentious issue of personal data protection and electronic surveillance for foreigners. To appease complaints from European allies, the president plans to give non-US citizens additional safeguards.

UK Says EU Must Reform or Decline | Wall Street Journal
In a speech in London yesterday, UK Treasury chief George Osborne advocated strongly for EU reform. To prevent economic decline, the eurozone needs to integrate more closely. Also to keep countries such as Britain from leaving the bloc, the EU should create stronger legal protection the rights of its non-eurozone members.

Hill Democrats MIA on Obama’s Trade Agenda | Politico
President Obama needs to do a better job advocating for his trade agenda to members of his own party on Capitol Hill. The left worries that the proposed bill does not provide sufficient flexibility for Congress to play a strong role in trade negotiations, and the President needs to do a better job of explaining the necessity of TPA for the United States to negotiate the best possible agreement. 

Davos Defenders of Globalization Fight to Show 2014 Is Not 1914 | Bloomberg
At the end of this month, leaders will gather in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum where many hope to revive recent stalling of globalization that came as a result of the financial crisis. The Pacific and Atlantic trade deals, put together, would represent the largest trade liberalization effort in history. Leaders in Davos should promote this goal and “fight off a relapse into protectionism.”

Recent Analysis

Letter from the Trade Benefits America Coalition | Politico
Over 160 business and agricultural associations and companies wrote Chairmen Baucus and Camp and Ranking Member Hatch to express their support for the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014. These companies including eBay, Cargill, Citigroup hope to see the passage of Trade Promotion Authority to facilitate TTIP and TPP negotiations. (PDF)

TTIP Negotiations: A Summary of Round 3 | Bertelsmann Foundation
In the third round of TTIP Negotiations, which took place between December 16-20), negotiators made progress on potential regulatory cooperation, tariff elimination, procurement issues, and demonstrated their commitment to transparency. Potential areas of contention appear in financial-services, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, and investor-state dispute settlement. (PDF)

EU Cyber Security Policy in the Age of Snowden | EuroWire
As new EU cyber policy diverges from the emerging US framework, it is important to complete a transatlantic Comprehensive Data Protection Agreement before the EP ratifies TTIP. An agreement should be completed despite the fact that the role of cyber security and data protection remains ambiguous in negotiations. (PDF)

A Free-Trade Bill that Could Help Bolster the US Economy | Washington Post
Congress presses ahead to pass “fast track” Trade Promotion Authority Legislation and help the US economy grow and create unemployment. 

TTIP FAQ – Negotiation Phase – Updates, News, Docs | Marietje Schaake
MEP Marietje Schaake’s office has put together an excellent look at the history of the TTIP negotiations as well as its next steps. On January 14 the EC held a civil society dialogue to discuss the third round of negotiations and in February EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht and US Trade Representative Michael Froman will meet to discuss transatlantic investment.

Upcoming Events

France and the United States: Companions in Competitiveness – January 21.  
The Danger of Divergence: Transatlantic Financial Reform & the G20 Agenda in Washington, DC- January 28.   
The 20th Anniversary of NAFTA and the Future of Free Trade – January 28.  Click here for details.
The Danger of Divergence: Transatlantic Financial Reform & the G20 Agenda in Brussels – February 12. 
The European-American Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Economic Update – February 12.   
The Danger of Divergence: Transatlantic Financial Reform & the G20 Agenda in London – February 14. Click here for details. 
Stock Taking Exercise between EU Commissioner Karel de Gucht and USTR Michael Froman – early 2014