TTIP Action aggregates the latest news and best analysis from across the United States and European Union on the ongoing negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Speeches & Official Announcements

TTIP – Solving the Regulatory Puzzle | European Commission
European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht spoke at the annual Aspen Institute Prague Conference today to address the economic and strategic importance of TTIP. De Gucht primarily focused on regulatory issues highlighting the EU’s desire to remove unnecessary administrative barriers to transatlantic trade, and to make existing regulations more compatible. De Gucht also proposed establishing a TTIP oversight group, called the Regulatory Cooperation Council, which would bring together the heads of relevant regulatory agencies from both Europe and the United States.

Setting the Terms for Global Trade: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership | Invest in UK
At the ‘Globalisation and the New Economies’ conference hosted by the Babes-Bolyai University, UK Ambassador to Romania Martin Harris discussed the ambitious goals of TTIP. Citing a recent study by the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Harris underlined that Romania’s per capita income could increase by 4.6% as exports to the US would continue to grow after the implementation of the agreement.


EU Trade Chief Proposes Trans-Atlantic Working Group | New York Times
Karl De Gucht proposed the creation of a TTIP oversight group, the Regulatory Cooperation Council, to help negotiators reach a joint position on rules and standards that would be drawn up in the future, rather than revamping those currently in force. This is one of the first tangible proposals to emerge from ongoing TTIP talks.

Split on Finance Overshadows Europe-US Trade Talks | Reuters
The EU and the US have staked out opposing positions regarding the inclusion of financial services oversight in the eventual TTIP agreement. While the EU is firmly backing building a framework for cooperative regulatory policymaking, the US has expressed reluctance, supporting instead the continuation of parallel policies at the multilateral level.

America’s Economic Retreat Threatens China’s Rise | FInancial Times
As President Obama forfeited his trip to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping took the opportunity to address his concerns about the direction of US policy. Mr. Xi sees the government shutdown as troubling for the global economy, but more importantly, he views the US trade policy as an attempt to lock China out of setting global trade standards. The US must address these concerns head-on.

Green Light for Commission to Start Talks on Investment Deal with China | European Voice
On October 18th, EU trade ministers will formally deliver a mandate for the European Commission to negotiate an investment agreement with China. There is no estimated completion timeline, but EU trade ministers are confident that there will be an investment agreement in place with China once some standards are raised.

TTIP Could Bring About 34K Jobs to Pennsylvania | Pittsburgh Business Times
According to the recent report by the Atlantic Council, Bertelsmann Foundation, and British Embassy, “TTIP and the Fifty states: Jobs and Growth from Coast to Coast,” Pennsylvania stands to gain 34,000 jobs and increase the state could increase its exports to the EU by 29.8 percent.

Recent Analysis

Europe Should Ask the US to Shutdown Political Uncertainty | Bruegel
If the US does not come to an agreement on a 2014 budget and the debt ceiling by October 17, and the scenario of technical default becomes a reality, there would be serious economic implications for Europe. Primarily, the euro could appreciate, undermining European competitiveness, and capital inflows could be directed even more strongly towards Germany.

Eastern Lessons for the US | European Voice
The days of Western global dominance are coming to a close, unless the West takes a few notes from Eastern Europe. Europe is playing a more central role in US foreign policy than in recent years, but it will take more political pressure from the White House to overcome the large and growing partisan divide to make TTIP a reality.

Upcoming Events

Second Round of TTIP Negotiations – Postponed
Thursday October 24, 2013 – BDI will host a conference in Berlin on the Opportunities and Challenges of TTIP. Click here to register.
Tuesday October 29, 2013 – Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue 14th Annual Meeting – TTIP: Can It Bring Benefits to the People? Click here to register.
Third Round of TTIP Negotiations in Washington, DC – Scheduled for December 2013

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