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De Gucht Keen To Solve TTIP Regulatory Issues | Tax News
European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht seeks an ambitious TTIP agreement that will not only make existing regulations more compatible, but also encourage cooperation for future regulations. His proposed Regulatory Cooperation Council could help achieve this goal. 

Green and Consumer Groups Voice Fears Over EU-US Trade Agreement | Financial Times
Given its legal and technical complexity, trade policy tends to suffer from a communications gap with the general public. As TTIP negotiations move forward, EU and US officials are bracing themselves for some pushback from groups with a history of protesting trade liberalization. The European Commission has increased the size of its trade team staff to oversee communications for the pact, has launched a TTIP website to inform citizens about the initiative, and is already doing joint public events with counterparts from the US to demonstrate its commitment to a transparent and open negotiation process.

Turkey Seeks Inclusion in US-EU Trade Talks | World Bulletin
At a recent event in Washington, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan urged TTIP negotiators to include Turkey in the trade discussions. Babacan stated that Turkey has already put together working groups on both sides to study how and when Turkey can move forward, perhaps with a parallel US-Turkey free trade agreement. 

US House speaker tells TÜSIAD that Turkey should not be excluded from TTIP | Hurriyet Daily News
During a meeting with Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TÜSIAD) in Washington, US Speaker of the House John Boehner agreed that it would be unfair to exclude Turkey from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Ankara is already engaged in talks to push for a Turkey-US free trade deal as an alternative.

Recent Analysis

TTIP Needed for a Post-Globalized World | German Marshall Fund
TTIP has the potential to be more successful than previous EU and US attempts to build a more deeply integrated economic zone. With globalization losing momentum, rapid economic development increasing economic inequality, and economic recession in the United States and Europe followed by a weak and slow recovery with persistently high unemployment, both sides of the Atlantic desperately need a new plan for growth. Citing studies by the Centre for Economic Policy Research and a report by the Atlantic Council and Bertelsmann Foundation, the German Marshall Fund argues that TTIP could work partly as a substitute for globalization and as a new engine for prosperity.

Transatlantic Trade Negotiations Face a Problem of Perceptions | German Marshall Fund
To some Europeans, the social and political implications of TTIP outweigh the clear economic benefit. Europeans must look out for their long-term interests in order to manage a successful negotiation. Continued global economic integration is the future, and TTIP aims to keep the transatlantic economy as the main driver of this new world order.

EU-US Free Trade, An Excellent Opportunity To Seize | Huffington Post
Facing the rapid rise of the emerging markets, Europe and the United States are obligated to move past free trade fears and align their economies. Alliance will not mean the weakening of domestic regulations, but instead promote the rise of global standards. Full article in French

Can TTIP Be an Economic NATO? | German Marshall Fund
The transatlantic relationship has historically been measured and assessed through defense and security cooperation in NATO. Recently, the once strong glue of defense cooperation between the US and Europe has begun losing steam. A successful TTIP could shift the essence of the transatlantic relationship from defense and security to trade and investment, a tectonic shift in how transatlantic relations have been conducted so far.

US Government Shutdown Reveals Trade Policy Not a Priority | The People’s Daily
Due to the US government shutdown, US Trade Representative Michael Froman was forced to cancel a planned second round of TTIP negotiations last week with his European counterparts.

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