TTIP Action aggregates the latest news and best analysis from across the United States and European Union on the ongoing negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Speeches & Official Announcements

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen addresses TTIP at “A New Era for EU-US Trade” Conference | NATO
It may seem strange that the Secretary General of NATO would lead the discussion on trade, but the NATO Treaty itself states that the allies “will seek to eliminate conflict in their economic policies and will encourage economic collaboration between any or all of them.” Secretary General Rasmussen makes the case that TTIP is ultimately an “economic NATO,” promoting cooperation, stability, and eventual inclusiveness to others.


US Postpones Trade Negotiations with EU Due to Shutdown | Reuters
The US government shutdown forced US Trade Representative Michael Froman to postpone the second round of TTIP negotiations, originally scheduled for this week in Brussels. USTR stated that it will work with the European Commission to develop an alternate work plan. EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht emphasized that the cancellation “in no way distracts us from our overall aim of achieving an ambitious trade and investment deal.” 

Canceled EU-US Talks Complicate Trade Ambitions | Reuters
For only being the “second” round of negotiations, TTIP has already been plagued with outside controversies. The NSA scandal clouded the first round and now the US government shutdown has postponed the second round. Though many analysts are still optimistic about the potential for an eventual agreement, this is certainly not the smooth start that anyone anticipated or wanted.

Recent Analysis

Who Benefits in Germany from a Free Trade Deal? | General Economic Dynamics
A new report by the Bertelsmann Stiftung highlights the benefits the German public could see following the successful conclusion of TTIP negotiations. According to the findings, nearly every industry, and every German federal state, would profit. Moreover, anticipated wage growth would be distributed across all income groups in Germany.

Why National Trade Diplomacy is Still Necessary in the EU | Foreign Report
A recent EU export case regarding Chinese solar panels highlights the importance of member states maintaining an effective national trade diplomacy alongside the centralized European bureaucracy. Germany, with its effective collaboration between Foreign Ministry, Chambers of Commerce, and cultural centers, makes an excellent model for other nations to aspire to.

What Will an EU-US Trade Agreement Mean for Healthcare? | Science Business
According to speakers at the European Health Forum in Austria, a transatlantic trade agreement could be very beneficial to the healthcare industry. However, given the complexities of the health sector, it is expected that the negotiations focusing on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and regulations will take some time.

The APEC Summit is an Opportunity to Boost Global Growth Through Free Trade | Forbes
Writing for Forbes, Michael Ducker, chief operating officer, and president, International for FedEx, emphasizes that APEC leaders should use the opportunity at the Summit in Bali to push the global economy forward by committing to reduce barriers to trade with support for initiatives like TTIP and TPP.

Three Deals that Can Change the World | The Hindu
If all are successful, globally-significant deals including TTIP, TPP, and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership may result in calls for major changes in world trade governance. Their simultaneous negotiations urge rapidly-developing countries like India to take a serious look at the evolution of the talks to monitor the potential effects.

Finland’s Stubb Worried About US Shutdown Impact | Reuters
Finland’s European Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister Alexander Stubb emphasized that the US shutdown is harming US foreign an economic policy. Calling for a swift end to the debates on Capitol Hill, he characterized the shutdown as “a short term political gain which might hit both the United States and the rest of the world economically.” 

Upcoming Events

  • Second Round of TTIP Negotiations in Brussels – Postponed
  • Thursday October 24, 2013 – BDI will host a conference in Berlin on the Opportunities and Challenges of TTIP. Click here to register.
  • Third Round of TTIP Negotiations in Washington, DC – Scheduled for December 2013