Mr. Richard Beales (left), Deputy Editor at Reuters Breaking Views, moderated the debate with Mr. Robert Amodeo (center), Portfolio Manager and Head of Public Finance, Western Asset; and Mr. Thomas McLoughling (right), Co- Head of the CIO Fundamental Research, UBS.

On May 17th, the Atlantic Council Global Business & Economics Program, together with Thomson Reuters and the CFA Institute, hosted a public discussion and reception on the President Trump’s infrastructure plans, which envisage a $1 trillion increase in spending over ten years. Legislators on both sides of the aisle in Washington agree on the need to modernize airports, roads, bridges and the like, but they have yet to reach common ground on how to finance such projects. 

The lively discussion centered on how to better finance infrastructure projects, and what should be the optimal level of government intervention. Panelists agreed that the private sector and the government may have differing preferences and goals regarding infrastructure, but should strive to reach a compromise that results in better conditions for the final users.

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