On Wednesday, August 27th, the Transatlantic Relations program hosted an off-the-record discussion with Klaus Welle, secretary general of the European Parliament, and Anthony Teasdale, director-general of the European Parliamentary Research Service. The conversation was moderated by Fran Burwell, vice president and director of transatlantic relations at the Council.

Attendees from the US government, business, and policy-making communities examined the implications of the recent European elections, and looked forward to the issues and challenges facing the new EU leadership. Discussion centered on the current outlook for the European Union and its institutions under the leadership of Jean-Claude Juncker, and priorities for the next sessions. The group also analyzed the different legislative agendas and issues most likely to be taken up by the next parliament. Finally, attendees examined the current state of the relationship between the EU and the United States, particularly with respect to the European Parliament’s role in the ongoing TTIP negotiations, the ramifications of transatlantic policy towards Ukraine, and the impact of fringe parties on policy-making within the EU institutions.