America’s Role in the World – Global Threats, Global Perspectives

On September 14, the Atlantic Council and the Pew Research Center hosted a conversation with a panel of experts to discuss Pew’s latest survey analyzing global perspectives and the greatest risks and threats facing the world today.

The report focuses on global perspectives on the greatest risks facing the world today, from national security concerns to broader global issues such as climate change, and the economy. The day’s discussion explored the results of Pew’s survey from across the thirty-eight countries polled. Does the existential threat of ISIS affect people outside of the Middle East and Europe? Where are worries of influence of the United States, Russia, or China most acute? Following a short presentation of the report, the panelists evaluated the circumstances and tenuous relationships that may account for the findings. The audience participated in a live poll, where their voices were compared to the Pew survey results and helped guide the conversation.

Image: The panel discusses new Pew Research Center polling about global perspectives of risks and America’s role in the world: moderator Kate Brannen; Mathew Burrows; David Anderson; Ellen Lapison; and Jacob Poushter (left to right).