On April 9, 2013, the Cyber Statecraft Initiative of the Atlantic Council hosted a roundtable strategy session which reviewed the lessons learned from the governance event in 2012. This workshop was the second in the series Cybersecurity Through Responsible Governance.

The Budapest conference in 2012 featured conversations on the relationship between public and private sectors in cyberspace, opportunities for economic development and social progress, and how to best guarantee safe, reliable access to Internet users. At the Atlantic Council workshop, László Deák, the special coordinator for Hungary on cyber issues at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provided background on the Budapest conference which was followed by an interactive discussion with high level experts on US cyber policy.

The discussion paved the way for the 2013 Seoul Conference on Cyberspace which will be sponsored by the Korean Information Security Agency (KISA) in Seoul, Korea. There, leaders in government and civil society will come together once again to continue the discussion on pertinent challenges in cyberspace.