On September 18, the Atlantic Council and the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (IFS) convened top subject-matter experts in a strategy workshop on deterrence and collective defense in Oslo, Norway. Participants discussed new challenges and tools of deterrence, the future role of nuclear weapons in NATO’s deterrence posture, regional missile defense architectures in Europe, and conventional force posture for collective defense.

This event is part of the Atlantic Council and IFS’s project on NATO in an Era of Global Competition, an 18-month effort undertaken to address the role of NATO and the broader transatlantic community in the face of emerging security challenges, global power shifts, and new disruptive technologies. The first conference in this series, NATO in a New Security Landscape, which took place in June, covered emerging trends in the global security environment and identified key challenges that NATO must confront to maintain strategic relevance in the future.

This policy workshop served as the foundation for the second public event, which will take place on November 12 in Washington, DC and will focus on new concepts of deterrence and collective defense in Europe.