The Program on International Security hosted the first of three workshops to assess how the new NATO Strategic Concept will impact the future of the United States European Command (USEUCOM).

Previous Strategic Concepts, such as those approved by NATO in 1991 and 1999, had a major impact on the roles, missions, and tasks of the United States European Command, particularly concerning the role of U.S. forces in building military to military relationships with former Warsaw Pact members and preparing Central and Eastern European militaries for eventual NATO membership.

With much of EUCOM’s activities currently focused on supporting the NATO mission in Afghanistan, what is the future of EUCOM and how will NATO’s new Strategic Concept affect it? The Program on International Security, working in partnership with the National Defense University, assembled a series of experts, Embassy officials, and U.S. government officials to discuss this matter. This project will consist of two follow-on workshops and a series of papers looking at EUCOM’s role in the NATO missions and tasks defined by the new Strategic Concept.