The use of information has long been a critical element of US foreign policy. In recent years, however, the growing complexity of the communication landscape makes effective global public engagement an increasingly challenging prospect. At the same time, the skills of public diplomacy and the integration of information are lost among many policy makers.

With this in mind, the Atlantic Council convened a diverse group of government officials, academic experts, and media professionals to discuss the evolving communication landscape and the future of public engagement. Moderated by the Brent Scowcroft Center’s Navy Fellow Mark Seip, this vibrant discussion touched on a range of topics, including the new and rapidly changing character of the media and information landscape, how to adapt government bureaucracies to that landscape, and how to reestablish public diplomacy into the US grand strategy. The insights gained from this debate will inform a subsequent discussion with policy makers on creating a strategy that effectively weaves information usage and public engagement throughout its development.