As part of the Atlantic Council’s mission to foster the next generation of transatlantic leadership, the Council hosted its Young Atlanticist delegates from Europe and partner countries at the 2012 GLOBSEC conference. Organized by the Slovak Atlantic Commission, GLOBSEC is the largest NATO-related event in Central Europe, which brought together more than 500 key stakeholders from more than 40 countries ranging from America and Asia to Africa. The Council is a co-organizer of GLOBSEC and Council senior staff were featured in several sessions, including discussions on America’s “Pacific century” and its implications for Europe, cyber security, and NATO defense and deterrence.  


Jeff Lightfoot, deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s International Security Program, and Simona Kordosova, assistant director, published a GLOBSEC 2012 policy brief titled “Generational Change in the USA & Austerity in Europe: A Marriage in Crisis?

In this video, US Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder speaks about NATO’s next generation.

The Atlantic Council Covers the 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago

For over fifty years, the Atlantic Council has served as a preeminent, nonpartisan institution devoted to promoting transatlantic cooperation and international security. This May, as the NATO Summit converges on Chicago, the Atlantic Council maintains that the transatlantic alliance remains not only relevant, but vital, to today’s changing world. However, if it is to remain so, the transatlantic link must be modernized to account for our new fiscal and changing geopolitical circumstances. The Council will provide a cadre of experts who are available for analysis of the major issues shaping the Summit in Chicago, while also engaging and developing the next generation of transatlantic leaders in a host of related activities and resources. 

Young Atlanticist

Launched at the at the 2008 NATO Summit in Bucharest, the Young Atlanticist Network brings together a community of emerging leaders who share a vision of closer Euro-Atlantic cooperation based on common values. Through online tools and regular events, the Young Atlanticist Network serves as a forum for open dialogue between young Atlanticists so they can exchange their views on a range of international issues. As a meeting place, the Network serves as a stage for global leaders to address the next generation and to share the perspective on current issues. Members of the Young Atlanticist Network enjoy opportunities to connect with other young professionals who share common professional interests.


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