Mian Mansha Suggests Privatization in Pakistan to Spur Economic Growth

Mian Mansha at Atlantic Council
On May 3, 2013, Mian Mohammad Mansha, chairman, MCB Bank and Nishat Group, visited the South Asia Center to discuss the economic challenges and opportunities facing Pakistan.

Mian Mansha emphasized the steps required by both the private and public sectors to create growth in Pakistan. Expressing concern about the poor performance of public sector industries, Mian Mansha suggested privatization of certain state-owned corporations to enhance growth, promote competition, and attract foreign direct investment. He advised the winners of the May 11 national election to prioritize a major restructuring of industries to foster economic growth. He also stressed the need to establish trade and investment opportunities with India, calling it a win-win situation for both countries. Strengthening economic ties with India would boost growth in Pakistan and serve as a “shock absorber” in the event of political or security challenges. Citing Pakistan’s uniquely young population, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit, Mian Mansha presented a positive outlook for Pakistan.