On September 16, the Atlantic Council hosted a private roundtable with Jean-Marie Le Guen, French Minister of Relations with the Parliament to discuss the broad range of urgent and complex challenges facing the Alliance. The session featured a keynote address by Minister Le Guen, and a moderated discussion led by Jorge Benitez, Director of NATOSource and Senior Fellow in the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security.

During this private meeting, the Minister discussed a variety of issues related to today’s strategic environment, including threats to European security, conflict in the Middle East and North Africa, and terrorism in Asia with a group of our in-house experts.
Minister Le Guen is a close confidant of the French President and is directly attached to the French Prime Minister. He is responsible for ensuring that legislation proposed by the French Administration is adopted by the Parliament. In this capacity, he maintains high-level contacts with all political parties represented in the Parliament. Our engagement with him and the French government continues to be important as we expand our work on NATO’s south