On May 25th, the Atlantic Council’s Global Business and Economics Program, together with the Millennium Leadership Program hosted a roundtable discussion with a high-level delegation from Santander Bank.

The discussion centered on unfolding technological trends and the strategies needed to remain competitive. The event featured Mr. Lee Rainie, Director of Internet and Technology Research at Pew Research Center, and Ms. Abigail Slater, Special Assistant to the President for Technology, Telecommunications, and Cybersecurity Policy at the White House’s National Economic Council, and was moderated by Dr. Frances G. Burwell, Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Future Europe Initiative.

The event began with a presentation by Mr. Rainie on the future of work, providing in depth commentary of workplace changes in America. Ms. Slater then discussed the role of government and the positions of the current US administration regarding regulating technology and data. Discussion topics included:

–          The timeline for automation, robots, and artificial intelligence in the workplace

–          The expansion of job training and apprenticeships in STEM

–          The role of public-private partnerships in reducing the digital divide

–          Legislative initiatives surrounding technology, privacy and cybersecurity, including GDPR and Privacy Shield

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