Roundtable Discussion on Critical Minerals and Energy Security

On May 2, The Atlantic Council Global Energy Center held a private roundtable discussion on rising global critical mineral demand and security concerns arising from a lack of US mineral independence. The event highlighted a growing concern for resource-based national security, with evolving risks and opportunities providing a dynamic geopolitical discussion.

David Livingston, deputy director for climate and advanced energy at the Global Energy Center, provided an introduction highlighting critical minerals as a vital component of the energy transition. Dr. Morgan D. Bazilian, executive director of the Payne Institute for Earth Resources and professor of public policy at the Colorado School of Mines, presented an in-depth breakdown of the role of critical minerals in national security and the energy supply chain. Melanie Kenderdine, a senior fellow with the Global Energy Center, provided data on country-specific resource exports. Reed Blakemore, associate director at the Global Energy Center, moderated the discussion.

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Image: (L to R) David Livingston, Morgan D. Bazilian, Melanie Kenderdine, and Reed Blakemore at the Atlantic Council.