Roundtable Discussion with US Ambassador to Poland Stephen Mull

Ambassador Stephen Mull

On Wednesday, March 27, the Atlantic Council’s Transatlantic Relations Program hosted Ambassador Stephen Mull, US Ambassador to Poland, for an off-the-record discussion of the increasing importance of Poland in the transatlantic partnership.

Given the recent announcement from the US Department of Defense regarding its missile defense systems, Ambassador Mull’s visit allowed for an especially timely discussion on US-Poland relations. Participants addressed a range of issues including security, energy, and democracy promotion.

Ambassador Mull has been the United States’ ambassador to Poland since 2012. Directly prior to his current position, he served as executive secretary of the State Department. He has also served as senior advisor to under secretary of state for political affairs William Burns, in which capacity he managed the State Department’s crisis response during the Russian-Georgian war of August 2008 and led negotiations on a range of US national security issues. Among many other past appointments, he also served as the US ambassador to the Republic of Lithuania.

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