On October 19, the Atlantic Council hosted an off-the-record strategy session with General Stéphane Abrial, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation. The session, entitled, “Preparing for Chicago 2012 – A Smart Defense Agenda,” focused on the individual components and overall implementation of a smart defense initiative for the months leading up to the May 2012 summit.

Executive Vice President Damon Wilson moderated the discussion which explored the challenges and opportunities that accompany the framework which seeks a more coordinated defense among allies. The conversation covered the future of multinational defense cooperation projects and highlighted the importance of striking a balance between sovereignty and solidarity.

At NATO’s recent defense ministerial, Secretary General Rasmussen tasked General Abrial, along with Deputy Secretary General Claudio Bisogniero, to prepare a concrete smart defense agenda, which will play a significant role during the 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago.

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