Strategy Session with Georgian Deputy Defense Minister Levan Dolidze

Levan Dolidze, first deputy defense minister of Georgia

On April 15, the Atlantic Council hosted Levan Dolidze, first deputy defense minister of Georgia, for a strategy session to discuss Georgia’s ongoing defense reform, bilateral defense cooperation with the United States, and Georgia’s role and future in NATO.

Levan Dolidze discussed multiple security issues and shared his perspectives on the modernization of Georgian forces. The subsequent conversation touched upon Georgia’s role in Afghanistan, improving conditions for the Georgian military, the relationship with Russia, and reforms currently being considered for the military in the defense ministry.

Before taking up his current position as first deputy defense minister, Mr. Dolidze was the executive director of the Levan Mikeladze Foundation and a lawyer for one of Georgia’s largest telecommunications companies, Magitcom. Mr. Dolidze was a Rumsfeld Fellow in 2011.

Image: Dolidze.jpg