The Application of Sustainability Principles to Energy Transition

On Wednesday, May 25, the Global Energy Center hosted a discussion with Dr. Michael Ben-Eli, founder of The Sustainability Laboratory and author of the widely acclaimed “Sustainability: The Five Core Principles: A New Framework.” Pressure is rapidly mounting to transition towards a cleaner global energy system. Achieving the necessary structural changes will require wide-reaching innovation and creative leadership. Accordingly, Dr. Ben-Eli shared with us five basic tenants of sustainability that can help speed and smooth the transition to cleaner fuels and more renewable energy. The discussion touched upon the following questions and more:

• Why are these five principles of sustainability so important? How can they be applied to practical energy issues?
• What innovations and impediments are facilitating and slowing the energy transition?
• Are there other areas outside of energy where these five principles can be applied to boost de-carbonization?