On March 1st, the Transatlantic Relations Program hosted an off-the-record roundtable discussion with the Dr. Anatoli Mikhailov and Dr. Pavel Tereshkovich of the European Humanities University.

Over a year after President Lukashenka’s post-electoral crackdown on civil society, the regime in Minsk remains as isolated as ever and in dire straits financially. In an effort to maintain a grip on power, Belarusian authorities have unleashed a campaign of intimidation and arrests against activists, forcing some to flee the country. In light of these developments, sustained US and EU support for the Belarusian people will be critical to usher in peaceful democratic change in Belarus. Dr. Mikhailov and Dr. Tereshkovich discussed the ongoing situation in Belarus, and their efforts to promote freedom of information and people-to-people exchanges for young Belarusians.