The Atlantic Council’s Transatlantic Relations and Global Business and Economics Programs held a public discussion on June 22 on “The Eurozone Crisis After the Greek Elections.”

Europeans held their breath as Greek voters cast their votes on June 17 to determine their future in the eurozone and the EU. The next few weeks will be critical for the center-right New Democratic Party as it attempts to build a pro-bailout governing coalition while the world waits in anticipation of the consequences for Europe’s other fragile economies. As we look towards a crucial European Council meeting on June 28 to 29, Ambassador C. Boyden Gray, Ulrike Guerot, and Jacob Kirkegaard discussed developments in the eurozone crisis and their implications for Europe, the international economy, and transatlantic relations. Frances G. Burwell, vice president and director of the Atlantic Council’s Transatlantic Relations Program, moderated the discussion.