The US Navy & Cutting Edge Energy Innovation in the Defense Sector

On Tuesday, April 12 the Atlantic Council and The Fuse partnered to host a panel discussion on energy technology and innovation in the US defense sector. The demand for energy security and evolving geopolitical risks have already impacted the strategic approach of defense institutions, which are actively developing technology and policy alternatives to respond to these challenges. By integrating expertise in both security and energy issues, institutions such as the United States Navy provide a critical perspective in efforts to secure a reliable and sustainable energy supply. Our distinguished panelists delved into these issues and addressed the following questions and more:

• What are the primary energy-related concerns of security and defense institutions around the world, and how is the US military responding?
• What new energy technologies is the Navy using today, and how are these technologies making a difference in the field relative to our adversaries?
• To what extent do climate considerations and access to oil impact the priorities of the Navy and other security institutions?

The Hon. Richard Morningstar, Founding Director and Chairman of the Global Energy Center provided welcome remarks and Annie Medaglia, Deputy Director of the Global Energy Center, moderated the discussion.