Welcome Reception for Ambassador Sada

For the last decades, Mexico has worked to transform its society and economy through strategic partnerships and economic reforms. Today, however, this transformation is increasingly being called into question. To address next steps for the US-Mexico relationship and to welcome the new Mexican Ambassador to the US, Carlos Manuel Sada, Baker & McKenzie LLP and the Atlantic Council Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center hosted a discussion at the Baker & McKenzie LLP headquarters in Washington D.C. on July 14th, 2016.

Following opening remarks by Baker & McKenzie partner Miguel Noyola, a discussion between Peter Schechter, Director of the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, and Ambassador Sada. began with a question about the Mexican government’s approach to the volatile political rhetoric in place during the 2016 election cycle in the United States.

Ambassador Sada emphasized the importance of Mexico taking a stand and joining forces with non-governmental voices. Ambassador Sada called the current anti-Mexico rhetoric a wake-up call for his country, for Mexicans and for Mexican-Americans. He proposed that all work together in a more organized fashion to present to the world the advantages of the United States relationship with its southern neighbor. Ambassador Sada also affirmed that meetings with better organized communities, such as the American Jewish Community, are on their way to help find best practices to unite the 23 million first and second and third generation Mexican-Americans and the 12 million Mexican residents living in the US.

“We have a real force, but we have not connected them.” Said Ambassador Sada.

The discussion ended with a question about the future of trade negotiations with Mexico. Mr. Schechter asked how the support for trade in Washington could affect Mexico and the viability of the Transpacific Partnership (TPP).

“We have to keep in mind that these agreements are for the people” stated ambassador Sada. Sometimes “people try to present negotiations like NAFTA in a negative way, but what has Mexico done? We have reinvented ourselves from different perspectives, and when there is a need to adjust, we do it.”

After the discussion, approximately 200 guests continued the conversation with the Atlantic Council and Baker & McKenzie about the future of North American ties during a cocktail hour.

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Image: Director of the Atlantic Council Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center Peter Schechter; Mexican Ambassador to the US, Carlos Manuel Sada.