Mexico’s energy reforms will have major effects on power generation and electricity markets. Getting the electricity sector right is the key to increased manufacturing and productivity. As part of the Atlantic Council’s ongoing work tracking Mexico’s energy reform, the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center and Global Energy Center held a conference call on Thursday, November 5, with two leading officials in the electricity sector.

The discussion focused on shaping the next phase of Mexico’s electricity matrix. César Hernandez, Undersecretary of Electricity at the Secretariat of Energy of Mexico (SENER), provided the outlook for private participation in the sector and the promising ramifications for manufacturing under the reform. Guillermo Turrent, Director of Modernization at the Federal Commission of Electricity of Mexico (CFE) discussed the conversion of fuel oil to natural gas and the implications for transmission and generation capacity. The call also addressed the opportunities for increased US-Mexico cooperation in the region’s energy integration and further opportunities for clean energy in electricity generation. 

Missed the conversation? Click below to listen to a recording of the conference call.