Whither America: A Strategy for Repairing America’s Political Culture

On December 11 the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security launched the thirteenth volume in the Atlantic Council Strategy Papers series.

Written by John Raidt, Whither America? A Strategy for Repairing America’s Political Culture explores how the mechanics of the broken US political system fracture our nation’s democracy. He argues that, in the face of antagonistic forces looking to exploit its weaknesses, domestic political reform should be a national and international security priority. Mr. Raidt analyzes each gear that twists and distorts US democracy and offers distinct reforms to correct this course. 

The panel included Mr. Raidt, Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, Dr. Peter Ackerman, moderated by Mr. Jerry Seib. The panel discussed the Whither America‘s recommendations and dissected the long history of activity that led to today’s broken political system.

Image: Dr. Peter Ackerman (right) discusses the Whither America paper with author Mr. John Raidt (middle right), Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (middle left), and moderator Jerry Seib (left). Members of the audience provided inputs to the conversation via polling on Mentimeter.com.