• Burundi’s Flawed Constitutional Referendum

    Burundians will go to the polls on Thursday, May 17 to vote in a constitutional referendum set to allow Pierre Nkurunziza, president since the end of the country’s civil war in 2005, an opportunity to stay in power until 2034. 

    The vote takes place amid a fragile domestic situation, and it is likely to deepen Burundi’s existing climate of fear, raise the likelihood of mass atrocities, and further accelerate regional democratic backsliding.

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  • Is the International Criminal Court About to Turn Irrelevant?

    Decisions by South Africa, Burundi, and the Gambia to leave the court raise questions about its future

    Near simultaneous decisions by South Africa, Burundi, and the Gambia to withdraw from the International Criminal Court have sparked fears of an exodus of African countries from The Hague-based court that is widely perceived as biased against Africans. Such a scenario raises serious concerns about the court’s future as well as questions about the judicial recourse that would remain for victims of the world’s worst atrocities.

    South Africa announced its intention to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC) on October 21. The move shocked many in the international community who have long viewed South Africa as a champion of human rights on the continent.

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  • Briefing by the Foreign Minister of Burundi

    On Thursday, March 17, the Africa Center hosted a briefing with H.E. Alain Aimé Nyamitwe, Minister of External Relations and International Cooperation of the Republic of Burundi, who provided an update on developments in the country, including the mission of the Heads of State appointed by the African Union, the visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, the nomination by the East Africa Community of former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa as facilitator of the peace talks, and the acknowledgement by the United States of Rwandan involvement in the crisis, among others.

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  • McFate in Herald-Tribune: Rising Use of Mercenaries Heralds World with More War

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  • Update on the Burundian National Dialogue by Special Advisor to President Nkurunziza

    On Wednesday, January 20, the Africa Center hosted a roundtable discussion on the current political situation in Burundi with Minister Willy Nyamitwe, Senior Media and Communications Advisor to the President of Burundi and member of the negotiation team that participated in the relaunch of the National Dialogue in Entebbe, Uganda, on December 28, 2015.

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  • These Are a Few of Our Favorite...Blog Posts of 2015

    Here are some of the Atlantic Council's most popular blog posts of 2015.

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  • Pham on Political Violence in Burundi

    International Business Times quotes Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham on the dissent and violence dominating Burundi's political climate:

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  • Pham on Burundi's Elections

    International Business Times quotes Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham on the violence and ethnic tensions surrounding Burundi's presidential elections:

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  • Presidential Election in Burundi Underscores International Community’s Failure to Engage

    Residents of the small, central African nation of Burundi are voting July 21 to elect their next President. The election takes place after nearly three months of sometimes-violent protests and clashes both between rival groups and between demonstrators and Burundian police, sparked by current President Pierre Nkurunziza’s controversial third-term bid. In mid-May, an attempted coup d’état failed to dislodge Nkurunziza.

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