By: Christopher P. Mulder and Mark Massa

What is the kernel of the issue?

The United States needs to work closely with its allies to lead in space to advance its national security interests and accelerate space commerce. The Biden administration recently announced that it will stand up the National Space Council. However, competition in space, without an empowered National Space Council and a long-term strategy, could lead to inadvertent conflict in space.  

Why is the issue important?

Recent nefarious activity by China and Russia threatens space security just at a time when space commerce promises to dramatically increase human prosperity on Earth through communication, tourism, resources, and much more.

What is the recommendation?

The Biden administration should ensure that the National Space Council will accomplish the following bold agenda items: 1. Have the first meeting in Europe or Asia and invite allies—unconventional and challenging, but would greatly enhance good-will and success of future security in space; 2. Submit a thirty-year space strategy; 3. Set ambitious goals. This is an opportunity to leverage goodwill across the US and world for a common goal—continue space discovery, increase human prosperity, and protect space from hostile actors.

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