Please join the Atlantic Council’s Strategic Foresight Initiative, in partnership with SAIC, on April 17 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for an advisory session on advancing human space exploration.

Our goal is to discuss the work being done by the Committee on Human Spaceflight of the US National Research Council, and to think through different options for our upcoming Atlantic Council-SAIC conference on the future of human space exploration 

The Committee’s report, to be released later this year, will “provide findings, rationale, prioritized recommendations, and decision rules that could enable and guide future planning for US human space exploration.” During the session, we will discuss what opportunities—geopolitical, technological, cultural, and commercial—could arise from sending humans back to space and the challenges this endeavor will face in the coming years. We will also gather ideas to plan for a successful conference in the fall, with the objective of putting human space exploration back on top of the policymaking agenda and amplifying the findings of the report.