After Hub-and-Spoke: US Hegemony in a New Gulf Security Order

A discussion with:
Kathleen Hicks 
Senior Vice President and Henry Kissinger Chair
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Mara Karlin 
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy
US Department of Defense

Michael O’Hanlon
Co-Director, Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence and Director of Research, Foreign Policy
Brookings Institution

Bilal Y. Saab
Senior Fellow for Middle East Security, Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security 
Atlantic Council 

Moderated by:
Michael Singh
Lane-Swig Senior Fellow and Managing Director
Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Regional transformation and chaos resulting from the Arab uprisings, the rise of the Islamic State (or ISIS) in the Middle East and beyond, shifting US global priorities, and the increasing influence of outside powers in the Gulf have created a new geopolitical context for the United States’ commitment to the security of the Gulf. How will the region’s new strategic trends and security dynamics impact US interests, priorities, and future force posture? Does this changing strategic environment herald a new approach to Gulf security that looks beyond a US-controlled hub-and-spoke model toward a new, multilateral approach? How can the United States best minimize risks and capitalize on the heightened engagement of European allies in the Gulf?

Please join the Atlantic Council on Friday, April 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. for a discussion of a new report by Brent Scowcroft Center Senior Fellow Bilal Saab, entitled After Hub-and-Spoke: US Hegemony in a New Gulf Security Order and a debate on US global defense posture in the next decade and how it might affect future US designs in the region. 

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Atlantic Council
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This event is open to press and on the record. 

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