Since the start of the 2020 presidential campaign, climate change and energy have become increasingly important and hotly-debated topics among democratic candidates. The influence of the Green New Deal, global climate strikes, and growing media coverage of global climate-driven natural disasters has forced candidates to formalize energy and climate policies to an extent never before required of nascent campaigns. “An Assessment of Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Climate and Energy Policies: Views from Across the Political Spectrum” will take a deep-dive into leading candidates’ efforts to respond to these calls to address some of the most pressing issues of the election cycle, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of various plans, their political feasibility, and likely outcomes if implemented.

A Conversation With

George David Banks
Chief Strategist for the Minority, Policy and Communications
House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis

Christy Goldfuss
Senior Vice President, Energy and Environment Policy
Center for American Progress

Charles Hernick
Director of Policy and Advocacy
Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

Amos Hochstein
Former Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs
US Department of State

Lauren Maunus
Political and Legislative Coordinator
Sunrise Movement

Moderated by

Zack Colman
Energy Reporter